Faired Kustom
Ed McLean's 1949 Schwinn-based
Faired Kustom was built to match
his 1949 Mercury Kustom Show Car.
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This is the most graphically-spectacular class of KustomBikes. It is called this because most of the frame is covered by frame fairing. This fairing can be in the form of sculptural addition to the frame itself, or the lighter approach- a composite shell which mounts to the original frame, but may be removed again.  

The main reason for the fairing, aside from sculptural styling, is that it provides much more area for paint and graphics. Normal bike frames are too cramped a canvas for the classic themes of traditional automotive and motorcycle kustom paint schemes.

This class is an extreme extension of the original streamliner-style of the classic fat tire deluxe models. In this case, also, the stylin' has nothing to do with aerodynamics or anything else practical. It's purely for show. There are no specifications for frame type or tire size. 

Judging Criteria Faired Kustom
Sculptural Form 1-5 points
Paint and Detailing 1-5 points 
Mechanical Detailing 1-5 points