Bare-Tube Radical Kustom
These are often called "WildBikes", "TallBikes", "Extreme Choppers", almost anything goes. They are either radical reworkings of stock frames or combinations thereof, or they are built from scratch. They
have nothing much to do with the practicalities of transport, even though they are actually ridden. They
are just applications of whimsicality to engineering. Dr. Seuss would approve, we're sure.

The best way to approach the design ot one of these machines is "How will it look in a parade?" "Can it actually be ridden?", "Am I capable of building it?" "Can I make it good-looking, as well as interesting?"
If you can answer yes to most of those question, you're ready to go for this class.

Judging Criteria- Bare-Tube Radical Kustom

Form and Execution of Fabrication 1-5 points
Paint and Detailing 1-5 points
Mechanical Detailing 1_5 points
Michael Watson's
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