The first IBRKA Drag Meet will be held at the Louisiana Bicycle Festival at Abita Springs, June 20, 2004. This meet will be the prototype for future events sanctioned by the IBRKA everywhere.

One compulsory design aspect whch all classes share is that the front triangle be filled with an panel which is opaque to light. This can be cut to shape from cardboard, paper-clad foam board, coroplast, etc. It can be secured in place with cable ties, twist ties, baling wire, tape, etc through holes in the panel and around frame tubes. This serves dual purposes. It gives a generous amount of surface area for a competitor number and class designation (required), sponsor logos, and custom graphics (both optional). The second purpose of the panel is for the benefit of the photo-electric timing trap we will be designing and providing plans for, based upon Radio Shack parts. This will be as simple as possible, so a large passive surface is best for the purpose.

The Drag Strip:
The strip is a paved surface, with 300 feet between the start and finish lines. It should be at least 20 feet wide, to allow side-by-side competition. There should be at least 50 feet beyond the finish line, to allow distance for  braking. All vehicles must have adequate braking to come to a full stop within that distance. 

A and B Showroom Stock Classes:
There are as many stock classes as there are bicycle types. musclebikes, road bikes, MTBs, cruisers, etc. A stock bike is one which is exactly as it left the factory, with the exception of normal replacement of worn tires and components. When possible, competitors will be matched with others running in the same class. A is drivers over the age of 13, B is drivers under13.

A Modified, B Modified:
Modified Dragsters are based on mild steel stock frames of any wheel size and frame style. The frame itself may not be changed from its original state, but any mix of wheels, components and drivetrain are permitted. A Modifieds are driven by people over the age of 13, B Modifieds by drivers under 13.

A Modified Lite, B Modified Lite:
These are the same as above, except they are based on lighter-weight frames of CroMoly, aluminum or other lighter-weight, and more expensive,  materials.

A Altered, B Altered:
These dragsters are based on frames which have been altered by cutting and re-welding for real or imagined performance reasons. Any mix of wheels, components and drivetrain are permitted. The A and B refer to the ages of the drivers, as above.

A Altered Lite, B Altered Lite
Same deal as above, based on a frame which is made of lighter than mild steel materials. 

Unlimited Dragster B and A:
Aside from the basic stipulation that the vehicle's motive force must be based upon human muscle input, there are no restrictions. It may be recumbent or upright. Stored energy may be utilized, whether flywheel, spring, or anything else, so long as it can be energy charged no longer than  the 60-second yollow light period of the countdown. There is no restriction on the number of wheels, or their size. Construction may be of any material the builder chooses. However, in any case, the vehicle must be considered safe for the driver and spectators, in the opinion of the timing committee. The timing committee consists of three individual volunteers.

With the acquiescence of the timing committee, any human-powered vehicle may run the course and be awarded a timing certificate, whether it has a competitor running in the same class, or not. Obviously, matches in the same class will be given precedence in the order of the meet, because the spectators will find that more interesting, but as long as time permits, anyone can run the course, providing their vehicle is considered safe by the timing committee.

Other Classes:
There are other possibilies to make the drag meet more entertaining for competitors and spectators. For example, kiddy tricycles ridden by adults. Kickbikes (foot-powered scooters) are another possibility. Almost anything should be considered, as this activity is all about fun.
We welcome other suggestions.

Design Lab: Dragsters