The Louisiana Bicycle Festival at Abita Springs at the UCM Museum, keeps growing in quantum leaps, especially the kustom part. This fourth year had at least a couple of hundred bikes in the BR&K vein; and they keep getting better all the time. It's safe to say that Abita Springs is now the biggest event of its kind in the South, and maybe the entire continent. This year's coverage, in words and photos, is by John Youens, making his first, but not last, appearance at the fest. 
Youens Bikes unloaded from the U-Haul and ready to roll at the UCM.
Li'l Elvis and Organizer John Preble in the Transmorgrifier pose for a photo.

Tak Yamamoto's Firebikes kustom, from Los Angeles, CA.
The triple-wheel unicycle under expert guidance of Wayne Spring.

Both photos: English Craig's awesome collection, brought from Kenner, LA.

A Marty Eden Chopper, from Maui, Hawaii,
Brought by Robert Proctor, New Jersey.

Vacuum Cleaner trike.
Primo flat black cruiser (Note the flashlight headlight)
More of English Craig's collection
Theme bike of the day by Ernie Dopp, 
"Best Of Show".
The awesome Sycip bike by Mark Manson of Bayou Cycles, New Orleans.

Wade Batiste, coolest dude at the event on his custom limo, "People's Choice Kustombike" 1st place.
The MAN, tattoo artist English Craig Jones.
Troy Warmington's custom chopper with fresh paint job.

The definition of the term "stretch", by Shane Delacerda, 16.

Nancy Youens' Phat on the roll
Kustom stretch.
A brand new Schwinn Sting Ray.
Both photos above: Bikes by Eugene Foret, Jr.
Wade Batiste's home-built stretch limo: another view.
The awesome "2Much!!!"  by Wizard Bros. beside their "Kandiru", now in silver.

Justin Thibidoux, winner of the Youens 20" dragster.
Youens 24" dragster, won by Eugene Foret's son.
Editor's Note: John Youens was so preoccupied with documenting everyone else's stuff, that he neglected to capture his own creation, Salsa Verde, one of the most popular bikes there. Fortunately, Dave Wilson was also shooting that day. Here it is, in all its glory. No one else bothered to have a stand for theirs, including Wizard Bros. Hell, we may not have even dusted ours off; I forget. Maybe next year. JW