Seth and Casey Beaton: Kustom Choppers
The Yellow bike was my son Seth's idea, I'd never even seen a custom bike until the 12-year-old went "on line" and wanted to buy a custom bike, and after looking at some pictures on your web site I figured, we can build one of those easy enough, seeing I'm an old body man from way back, we put our heads together and came up with a few ideas, and the rest we just kind of  played by ear.  So the Yellow bike was our first-ever creation, it is stretched 8" with some  custom sheetmetal work on the back of the frame and on the mid-section with some metal spider webbing worked in, the forks are completely made from scratch  (first time), triple tree-style with 72-spoke wheels (soon to be upgraded to 144 spoke gold), flame job on the seat with some good-sized ape hangers, and its look is completed with the full fenders lining the white walls.

The green bike was only our second project, completed in 3 days from start to finish.  The frame is hand bent, hand shaped and welded onto the back half of a kids junker we found at a flea market, big rack on the hand made forks, half moon bars with the skull grips and,of coarse, 144-spoke chromees.  

The creators of these bikes are Seth and Casey Beaton from Templeton Massachusetts and let me tell you, there are none of these in Mass.yet. so we are innovators out here.

Thanks for the appreciation of our bikes, More to come.(Building # 3 now) 
Seth and Casey Beaton