Seth Wilson/Mike Roush: Felix Street Coronets Custom Cruisers 
My name is Seth Wilson and I am a member of a new custom bicycle club here in Santa Cruz California. We are called the Felix Street Coronets. There are
about 3 or 4 of us and we have a lot of fun working on custom bikes, oh and
drinking beer, usually at the same time.
    This is our first submission. The red bike you see here is my first custom,
and is called King of Hearts 1. The bike 
began as a cheapo Murray cruiser that I bought for $70 to ride around at work. It took about 6 months for the total process because of time/money/help constraints. I designed all the cutouts and stickers. The custom reflectors and the flaming heart center piece were designed by me and cutout by my friend Mike using a plasma cutter. The center piece was welded on and the reflectors were sanded and clear coated. The bike was painted with dupont auto paint and I mixed in some holographic metal flake for that hotrod look, then it was all clearcoated. The seat is an Electra and the tires are flame-job Burners. Being a 5-speed this bike rides great, super smooth and gets lots of looks. It was my first custom, I hope of many to come. I'm already well into 2 other bikes and have plans for a third.

The second black and chrome bike you see was built by my good friend Mike Roush, this was also his first custom. He found the frame at a garage sale, it was a whole cruiser rusted from top to bottom for 5 dollars. After lots of sanding Mike Cut and welded the "33" onto the frame and gave it a semi-matte black paint job, all the chrome trim was picked up here and there. Mike is also starting a restoration of a 1948 Schwinn for his girlfriend Claire. Thanks a lot and I hope you all enjoy the pics. - Seth Wilson