Keith Coffman: FireBikes Morg, Dyno Taxi
Morty, is the #3 FireBike Morgitition made. It is painted Ultra-Flat Black with a white scalloped front end. Front end consists of, Sun triple clamp forks, Dyno BMX stem, big Dyno half-moon bars, Electra chrome grips, with a Ding-Dong bell. Motivation is through a set of 36 spoke radial laced rims, Old style whitewalls, iron cross valve caps, Spiked hub polishers and stem covers, 
Redline Monster cast chromoly 180 mm cranks, DK iron cross pedals, and a DK iron cross sprocket. Fenders are bobbed Wald cheapos, seat is a huge cruiser version. All open tubes have been filled with spikes with one being pierced with a ring and chain attached under the seat.  Bike gets a lot of attention needless to say. 
My Dynoglide is a '98 Taxi, with only a few modifications. Added is a big ol' Ding-Dong bell, gel seat, and a set of Dyno fenders. The seat clamp, piston stem, chromolly cranks with sealed bottom bracket is from a $15 yard sale 
Dyno comp. Although it is a 5-year-old bike it still gets looks, and is, the best riding cruiser I have even owned. It's a damned shame Dyno was sacrificed to the retail gods before their time. Dyno Kustom Cruisers are where this 
renaissance of cruisers started... a moment please. Crank On, God Bless.  Keith