Jimmy P. Wilson: Kustom Roadster
Hello !
Yes my name really is Jimmy Wilson, and I really enjoy your web site. I caught the "Cruiser Bug" a while back and stumbled across your site. After realizing my welding skills weren't quite ready to begin fabricating my own
design, I went the "store bought" route. I obtained a Dyno Roadster on a-Bay, and was on my way. My bike would be a mild cruiser by the standards of the fantastic submittals to your site, but shows how a few subtle changes can really change the attitude of a bike. An Electra saddle, and matching grips were my first purchase. I added some BMX Perergine Power pedals, which I polished for that custom look. Being ambitious I bought a Nexus 7 speed hub, off e-Pay (my wife's expression) and was going to have it laced into a 24" rim. Then of course a wheel set from a Dyno Moto-Glide 
showed up, so I  bought it, and unloaded the 7 speed on e-Bay. Luckily I have been able to sell other "have to have its" on e-bay to pay for this newest obsession. I have a vintage Stewart Warner speedo, and a headlight I am thinking about adding, if it doesn't clutter the bike up too much. The speedo is unique in that it registers counter clockwise. I hadn't seen any others that were "backwards"  I do have one question seeking advice. I haven't seen any Roller brakes on Springer front ends. I have fabricated a clamp for the brake arm, but need a more permanent solution. I understand abnout the physics of the brake arm needing to be secured, and how the springer seems to unload upon braking. I have made some fairly quick "test" stops with a lot of back brake, and feathering of the front, and it works just fine. I am just wondering if you have any suggestions or ideas on this please. Thanks for the time you spend publishing your e-zine, as I find it really inspirational, and thanks for your patience with this rambling read. I am sending photos of my bike, if you care to use them, that would be great, or if it's too plain I will understand.