Wayne Spring: Double Deuce
Hello, my name is Wayne Spring. I have been riding custom bicycles and unicycles for over 20 years. After attending the bike festival in Abita Springs, LA (2004) I decided I had to build a unique kustom for the 2005 bike fest. I wanted to build a chopper but, everyone and their mother had one! No, I said, this one would have to be unique! I began thinking of what hasn't been done in the good ole U.S.A. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks or a picture from a web site, who knows? Who cares? It would be the best! A Mexican 4WD. I would later name the Double Deuce. I started by going to where else----Walmart. I purchased a ladies schwinn bike, took it home and began tearing it apart. With the help of Wizard Racing in Holden, LA, We began the fabrication process. $2,000.00 later it was complete. 
The bike is unique because you have to pedal it backwards to go forward. You have to pedal forward to brake. I find it a lot easier to ride after a 12 pack. It can be free-mounted fairly easy with a little hop, jump, and skip. Every piece of this bike is almost custom made or custom bought. Is custom bought the same as customer bought? This bike is a blast to ride and everyone that notices it usually does a double take. I almost named it Double Take. I also have other bikes in my collection such as (1). 12 ft. unicycle. (2). 3-wheeled unicycle (oxymoron). (3(. tennis-shoe unicycle. (4). 5-inch bike. (5). 52 inch high wheel. (6). custom swing-bike. (7). monster cruiser. And (8). a regular bicycle. I can be reached at waynespring@charter.net. My phone # is 225-567-2296. I live in Albany, LA. Feel free to contact me for any additional information about this bike. 

P.S.  All those people at the Louisiana bike fest in Abita Springs, LA are WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!--------Go see for yourself!