Ben Sellers: Chopper
I also made frame extensions to move the rear wheel back 6 inches and lower the seat height. I used parts from an old BMX bike I bought at the flea market. I used the wheels from the BMX bike during the mock-up and testing before paint. The seat height is about 21 inches. I am planning another bike with a seat height of about 15 inches. The next will be a complete frame build, no cutting up other frames. All the new shiny parts came from Lovelylowrider. I handpainted the flames on the faux tank section of frame and the seatback as well. I plan on putting Skyway Tuffwheels on the next bike. Hope you like it. Great site. Ben Sellers
This is a chopper I built to get my son interested in bicycles. So far it has worked. He loves my bike and wants it very badly. I told him when he learns to ride his bike we will build him a chopper. I built the forks from steel plate and conduit with the original forks welded on the end for the wheel mounts. The frame started as an old Columbia a  buddy gave me. I cut the the neck off and re-welded it on.