George Sharp: "Dinglepussmeister" & "Triple S"
My name is George Sharp.  Here are pictures of my most recent bikes. I call the green one "Dinglepussmeister", and the other one is "Triple S"---my wife Sarah's initials are SSS, and it's her bike. 
The frame on Dinglepussmeister is mostly chromoly with fiberglass bodywork, although the handlebars are made of a heavier gauge mild steel tubing.  It was my first attempt at custom fiberglassing and it came out pretty smooth overall.  The bike is just under 11 feet long.  It has 7 gears and a hand brake with the caliper mounted under the seat area. The handlebars are my favorite part of the bikethey stretch a wide 41 inches.  The seat is black leather. The paint is Testors green metal flake paintfrom the tiny cans that they sell at hobby stores.  Yeah, it took a LOT of little cans to get a decent paint job.  

Triple S is my latest. It has an internal 5-speed rear hub with a coaster brake. It is also chromoly with fiberglass bodywork.  The fiberglass on this bike took a while longer as I had to shape foam to use on the convex surfaces. The headlight is a motorcycle light that I changed to a battery-powered LED light.  My wife picked out the purple leather for the seat so I made a seat pan from a washing machine lid, layered on foam, then had a buddy of mine stitch up the cover (he also did the other seat).  The paint is holographic flake with flames.  It was my first attempt at custom flames as well and I'm pretty happy with them. I'm still planning on adding a better pair of handlebars to it---the ones on it were the only ones I had at the time and they seem a little short to me. 
Love your site; it's been an inspiration to my bike-building projectsGeorge Sharp