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Talent Scout
Troy Way's "Widowmaker" and "Blue Shark" Site
Troy Way seems to be a pal of "Biohazard" Brad Graham's. He give's Brad credit for the welding on "Blue Shark", his recumbent low-racer, similar to Brad's "Marauder. Troy did his own welding on  his  "Widowmaker" chopper seen above. Troy's site has many excellent photos of his projects at various stages, including downloadable Zipped files. It's well worth a visit.
Jeff Frana's Chopper and Other 
Mechanical Projects Pages
Speaking of Brad Graham, here's a guy who reminds us of him. Jeff makes that interesting suspendo-chopper to the immediate left. But he also shows a lot of his other experiments on his site. Above left, popping a wheelie with ease, is his automotive starter-powered E-bike, which seems to have gobs of power. Those wishing to do similar experiments will find  much useful information. Above right is an experiment with the application of pneumatics to the suspendo-chopper. The site is full of interesting stuff like that, and is worth stopping by to see. 
Cycles Singuliers by Claudius de Cap Blanc
You've probably noticed how fond of wooden bikes we are at BR&K. These are the most amazing we've ever seen. Claudius is French, but his site is in both Francais and Anglais, fortunately. There are all sorts of whimsical masterpieces in his gallery. In  best kustom fashion, Claudius not only details them superbly, but he also accessorizes them charmingly. Below are his tech notes for his machine at the left. We normally are very scrupulous about getting permission for lifting photos from sites we feature in this section. Unfortunately, his E-mail link doesn't work. We tried to contact him when Mike nominated this site months ago, and again while this page was in the works, with no luck. We apologize to Claudius for the theft, but we just had to show you his stuff. JimW.
L'Aigle Roulant ( We think this means "Rolling Eagle")
Technical data sheet
Length : 174 cm
Height : 106 cm
Weight : 36 kg
Speed : 1
Wheels : two of 700
Braking : drums at the back
Lighting : with batteries, front and back separate
Species : ash, walnut, elm, cherry, oak, chestnut, beech, sipo, acacia.
Accessories : compass (on the handlebars), lighter holder with space for flint, cachous box, secret drawer (in the saddle) to keep the padlock key, flask, pump holder, first aid kit, roll of string, saddle bags with quadruple locking, horn, a small bottle Anti-theft device with padlock and chain.
Folding crutch.
Performance : 3 days round Ariège in 1994
1st public Prize, Mir'Art, 1994

Photo and text © 2003 Claudius de Cap Blanc